Subway Reading

Times when you wish the guy next you was reading monster-rape manga: Today, on the Ginza Line, the fellow to my left was reading some kind of journal of veterinary surgery — with lots of graphic color photography.

W. David MARX
January 16, 2009

One Response

  1. M-Bone Says:


    In three days in Osaka trains late last year, I noted exactly three books that people around me were reading.

    1. A guy with a black trench coat reading a textbook about forensic examination.
    2. A girl, dressed conservatively, reading a book about female murderers in Japan.
    3. A girl in an amazing goth outfit reading “Genealogy of Morals”.

    I also couldn’t help but think that these individuals had purposely declined those generic paper covers for their books so that people would take notice of what they were reading….