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New keitai theme!

I’m excited to announce my new signature keitai kisekae/cellphone theme for WKTokyoLab’s mobile device shop. Kisekae are sets of images that users can download to create a holistic theme for their phone.

The theme I created for the TokyoLab music label is called “Utopia” and is based on a music video that I did in collaboration with the Lab folks for NHK a few years ago. It is an animated modular pictorial utopian vision of Tokyo in the future.

The theme is completely animated, with custom-designed icons for battery power and signal strength, a smart display that analyzes the time of day and generates one of four different appropriate images (morning, afternoon, evening, night), mail sending screen, mail receiving screen, incoming and outgoing call screens, typographically considered menus, and a ton more stuff.

Ian Lynam WKTokyoLab Kisekai Keitai Cellphone theme

In Japan, you can use your phone to browse to this address and download the theme.

Many thanks to Bruce, Yoko, and the WKTokyoLab team for making such a cool project happen!

April 24, 2010

Idea + Mini Graphics

Two new publications out now.

Idea Magazine Forms of Practice Ian Lynam

First, a new feature for the latest issue of Idea Magazine (issue #340) called Forms of Practice, interviewing young designers, is on newsstands now.

Idea Magazine Forms of Practice Ian Lynam

Second, the foreword for a new book from Sandu Media called Mini Graphics, an exploration of small-scale graphic design projects.

Mini Graphics Ian Lynam

April 14, 2010

Art Space Tokyo 2.0

The designer/editor and editor of Art Space Tokyo have bought back the rights to the book and are seeking to re-print via Kickstarter.

A worthwhile cause, and some rad options should you choose to back the project.

April 6, 2010