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The Potential of Web Typography

Firefox 3.5 is out now- go get that sucker!

The Mozilla Japan team asked that Craig Mod and I jointly write and design this demo page of what is now possible using Firefox’s new @font-face, a CSS rule implemented in Firefox’s latest 3.5 release which allows web designers to reference fonts not installed on end user machines.

(In other words: it allows web designers to store fonts on their server and reference them in CSS, regardless of what fonts the user browsing the page has installed.)

Look at it in Firefox- it is designed for that. It looks OK enough in Safari, but we’d rather have you see it in all its glory. Click around a bit and see what the future of typography for the web looks like….

We lucked out in getting Underware to agree to being our foundry partners in making this demo happen. The demo coincides with the release of their new typeface, Liza.

Original referring page on Mozilla’s site is here.

Thanks to Craig for dropping crazy hours with me on getting this project together. Shoutouts to Mozilla for their support, encouragement, and sheer radicalness!

June 30, 2009

2 Responses

  1. Oidon Says:

    FF 3.5 is not out yet. It’s just a release candidate. I would not recommend it for the average user.

  2. alvin Says:

    hey ian,
    is there going to be a base server FF is going to store certain amount of fonts on? what if the designer’s or dev’s server is down? also i thought it would crank some standards… ah but i guess thats the same as asking apple or windows to pack a basic set of fonts in their OS installs…