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Spotted at Parco Shibuya a few months ago.

I am not sure the end of man (まん) is the best placement for the “ko” (こ) of konnichiwa. Methinks this was not exactly unintentional.



W. David MARX
April 21, 2009

6 Responses

  1. yup Says:

    It’s fucking Krauser II, of course it’s not unintentional!

  2. nate Says:

    Clever like a twelve year old :)

  3. Connor Says:

    i was really pumped about buying a copy until i looked more closely at the “MV” illustration at right which calls the radness of the manko illustration into question. is that really “inori” on his forehead? nerd alert.

    the one on the left looks even stupider.

  4. Young James Says:

    Does this mean we can talk about the “Wild Health” Coke Zero campaign? Cause I like health as much as the next person, but im not sure how wild i really want it to be. I mean there’s no need for biting.

  5. chalpers Says:

    I’m with Nancy — this post is nuthin’ but qual — e — tay.

    Gee whiz, what happened around here?

  6. Andy Says:

    Funny that the spam bot comes across as the most bitingly sarcastic comment here…