Sneakee Pete

We snuck into type design collective Underware’s site today.

January 26, 2009

5 Responses

  1. bendall Says:

    Congrats man, and speaking of insaaane typography – have you seen the Jean Paul Gaultier evian bottle? I mean, did they go all out or what?!!

  2. Ian LYNAM Says:

    Amazing shit. The man is a GENIUS!

  3. bendall Says:

    Dude, backwards ‘genius’ is ‘SUI-NEG,’ and that almost sort of means ‘no agua’ in the mishmash language of the 5th element he himself stylized.

  4. bendall Says:

    Actually that was really dumb, we have been sick and I am going to bed now…

  5. Ian LYNAM Says:

    I hope you’re wearing an outfit to the one Milla Jovovich wore in the 5th Element, Darin.