MEKAS. Twitter and Gyaru Vocab

The Japanese fashion site MEKAS. that I edit started a new Twitter yesterday (, and I went a bit crazy with 140-character observations as I read through the new March fashion magazines.

CanCam — not a gyaru magazine — for some reason had a “Gyaru Inside-Joke Vocabulary Dictionary,” and there were a few choice entries:

アナル (anaru) is apparently not just a way to say “anal” but an abbreviation of “あ〜、なるほど!” (a naruhodo, “Oh, I see.”)

Yes, We CanCam, meaning 迷わずに『CanCam』を買うこと — “buying CanCam each month without fail.” There is no way anyone actually uses this.

ユダる (yudaru), literally “to Judas,” meaning “to back-stab, betray.” You could probably also read the verb as “to Jew” since “Jew” is yudaya in Japanese, but this connotation is not really the Japanese language’s fault. The entire character of Judas was written into the Jesus story as a way to blame Jews for his death (Judas = Judah), since crucifixion is so clearly a Roman form of execution. At least, that’s what Bishop Spong says.

永眠 (eimin, “to sleep forever”), which normally is a poetic way to say “to die/to pass away,” but gyaru use it as “to zonk out/to sleep deeply.”

W. David MARX
January 24, 2009

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  1. Shawnee Says:

    Anaru… LOL Love it!