UT does ZTT

Give it to Uniqlo for being one of the few Japanese retailers seeing growth and one of the few big companies continuing to trickle-down money to innovative foreign artists.


Uniqlo’s UT T-shirt line has revived graphics from the iconic ’80s label Zang Tumb Tuum (ZTT) Records. Now you can finally get a Frankie Goes to Hollywood shirt that doesn’t say RELAX.

A quote from Sunahara Yoshinori at the bottom!

W. David MARX
October 15, 2008

3 Responses

  1. Gen Kanai Says:

    I gotta get me one each of the ZTT and 808 shirts. Then I’ll go get Trevor Horn and Graham Massey to sign them… Gotta fire up “Pacific 212″ again….

  2. Wilford B. Wolf Says:

    Man, I’ve been wanting an Art of Noise T-shirt for ages! (and I just picked up the boxset) Any chance they’ll be made available at least on the Uniqlo US website? If not, any chance in set up a means for those us that don’t have access…?

  3. Patrick Says:

    There’s a guy who has been selling roughly the same (albeit unlicensed) ZTT logo and Art of Noise shirts at Nakano Broadway for quite a few years now. I wonder if the guys from the Uniqlo up the block were fans…