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Toyoko Line Funnies


W. David MARX
August 26, 2008

8 Responses

  1. gen Says:


  2. W. David MARX Says:

    Why do oyaji get credit for all the best puns?

  3. jfunds Says:

    it’s like referring to all tissues as “Kleenex”. Oyaji don’t make all the puns, they may not even be responsible for the best(or worst) but they somehow set the standard long ago.

  4. Matt Says:

    I was promised “funnies”.

  5. youngjames Says:

    I’ve personally always thought that the predecessor to 渋谷系 was 谷啓… 「ガチョン!」but hey…

  6. LS Says:

    immediately after the exchange reproduced above, the passenger hurled a futon out the window of the car …

  7. Himajin Says:

    I’ve heard train drivers mess up the station names before, so I thought they were just being refreshingly honest the first time I heard:

  8. Kaishin Says:

    I googled first,then I giggled … I had no idea about such a place