I am probably not the first or last to think of this...

Obama / Biden

Osama Bin Laden

W. David MARX
August 24, 2008

5 Responses

  1. Trevor SIAS Says:

    why can’t i leave a comment on Ians skateboard post? that my breif though.

  2. DB Says:

    Dude, it is 7:41 am and this is the third time I have read this exact thing expressed.

  3. Ian LYNAM Says:

    Trevor, apparently that post combines just the right combo to trigger some weird Russian spambot. Bizarro.

  4. panda Says:

    damn you russian spam bots!!!!!!!

  5. Kim Jong-il Hater Says:

    That ticket is just as bad as Osama bin Laden. But looking at McCain’s VP choices maybe not.

    Obama should have chosen Kucinich! What a speech last night! And he’s all for dismantling the police state!