The Google Street View Debate

Debate over Google Street View continues

Global Voices Online is really, really good for this kind of coverage. Hats off.

W. David MARX
August 14, 2008

3 Responses

  1. Adamu Says:

    Yeah it is. It’s almost scary how he can document this stuff. This Chris Salzberg guy’s like a Japanese version of ESWN. Or a serious version of WaiWai. Pick your own comparison.

  2. statiq Says:

    “ZOMG Google Street View idol ストーカー!!” stories did take less than a week to appear, that’s a good sign right?

    There was also a debate and concerns voiced last year when street view was first launched in the us. And it’s not over yet, I remember reading stories a few weeks ago about Google being sued for taking pictures while driving on private roads.

    While I can understand some of the privacy concerns, I’m having a harder time with these:

    “In our way of living, you do not unilaterally, and in a machine-readable form, lay open people’s living spaces to the whole world”

    The irony here is that a Japanese site called Location View (www locaview com – trying to dodge the spam filter here) has been offering the same exact service since May 14, 2007. That’s two weeks before the original us street view even started.

    Granted, they don’t have Google’s brand power and you have to log in (free account) in order to use the site, but still it makes the “our way of living/foreign business don’t get Japanese culture” arguments seem pretty silly.

  3. M. Nestor Says:

    An interesting selection of well-reasoned comments; versus the flamewars that say, you’ve mentioned on 2ch, I’m wondering what the general nature of online Japanese-language discourse is like in comparison to English-based (the ratio of Marxy-style comments versus Youtube-style comments, basically). Times like this I wish I could hurry my 日本語 studies along for firsthand research.