AnAn Sex Survey Analysis

経験人数は減少し1人エッチは増加中 ananのセックス特集

According to anan, onanism is on the rise within the Japanese female community. (Although similar surveys in ViVi etc. show much different results…)

W. David MARX
August 13, 2008

4 Responses

  1. Adamu Says:

    The striking Tsuchiya Anna wearing but those black lace gloves inspired me to flip through this issue when it came out. Generally it’s pretty sound advice, at least in terms of why women should enjoy sex… I didnt catch what they said about birth control (but guess they didnt mention it so much)

    I was kind of surprised to see such a bold sex guide coming from an-an (complete with what appeared to be hints on initiating lesbian makeout sessions hidden behind sealed pages), but it’s apparently been around since at least 1990 (“Sex will make you more beautiful”):

    And obviously those surveys are completely random and intended to promote the concept (did you see they were selling vibrator keitai accessories?!)

  2. Durf Says:

    I am shocked to learn that sex has been around since at least 1990.

  3. cee Says:

    AnAn seems to be on some kind of drive to encourage female masturbation: a few months ago I bought an issue and was amazed at the number of tastefully drawn diagrams of ladybits, and now I guess they’re pushing the ‘everybody’s doing it so it’s okay!’ line.

  4. Jasmine Says:

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