ByeBye to WaiWai

毎日新聞英語版サイト 「変態ニュース」を世界発信

Last week, the Japanese net press started to open up a Japanese dialogue about the problems with Mainichi Daily News’ WaiWai tabloid column — probably long overdue.

Now this…

Mainichi ends WaiWai column

2-ch’s trumpet brings another wall crumbling!

I have had my share of criticisms against WaiWai over the years (see this), but I think the basic idea of translating non-mainstream news into English had a lot of promise. If they had only had a nickel’s worth of skepticism about junk tabloids or had not been so cynical to post every single clearly-fake titillating sex story, they would never have been such a backlash. You can’t be a news service and also offer shameless articles concerning “bestiality restaurants.”

W. David MARX
June 22, 2008

7 Responses

  1. statiq Says:

    Yes, stop depicting japan as wacky land full of twisted perverts, bizarre forms of prostitution, and sex dolls, we at 2ch find that offensive !

    Now if you excuse me, I’m off to a proper part of the internet:

  2. Matt Says:

    Did WaiWai ever publish any actual “non-mainstream news”?

  3. Morgan Says:

    Too bad. WaiWai was always good for playing the “line-by-line, how many errors of journalism can I find?” game. At least I’ve still got the Daily Mail.

  4. M. Nestor Says:

    Good riddance, I never had respect for that section or people who read it/were associated with it. I prefer to have the Jerry Springer style entertainment quarantined off to specific sites that I can pretend don’t exist, not mixed in with self-Orientalism or whatever on more ‘serious’ news sites.

  5. Justin Bacon Says:

    The regular stories aren’t all that much better, though. A small victory.

  6. Durf Says:

    I’m surprised the Mainichi pulled the plug so easily. That had to be the most (only?) profitable, ad-hit-generating part of the English website.

  7. WaiWai Says:

    You can see the archive at