Fads in Japan

Japan’s Latest Fads — Marketable in U.S.?

Anyone else think these are all really boring? Who wants to take a bath in wine? Is that the best that “Wacky Japan Inc.” can come up with? Acerola? Slow down, Japan. You are blowing my mind.

Themed Hot Springs Resorts: because normal onsen in the United States have gotten so boring.

Shower Washable Suits: so you can be just as stylish as the average salaryman, now with less hassle.

Kool Boost: I’m not a smoker or anything, but that sounds like it will revolutionize cancer delivery.

G-Shocks: Oh, Japanese kids watch so much CNN that it only makes sense they would learn their style from it.

I also like this statement:

It would be wise for futurecasters to look beyond the much-watched Japanese schoolgirls who indulge in fads.

If futurecasters are obsessed with Japanese schoolgirls, I am not sure they can call themselves “futurecasters.” Trend spotters need to spend a lot less time predicting the future and a lot more time actually figuring out what is going on in the present.

W. David MARX
June 17, 2008

4 Responses

  1. DB Says:

    This stuff suddenly makes perfect sense when you read it in that Simpsons / 1940s newsreel ‘World of Tomorrow’ voice.

  2. Daniel Says:

    there’s a ringo onsen up in yamagata prefecture that is just awesome. also, there’s a sake onsen in the echigo yuzawa station (of yukiguni fame).

  3. Joseph Says:

    Yunnesan sucks. The onsen theme parks in Odaiba and Urayasu are much better.

    The idea of normal Americans comfortably walking around naked with strangers around in a non-gym environment is laughable, unless Obama becomes president.

  4. Ian Says:

    You know, I do dig Dr. Fish and the “Dead Sea Bath”. And there is always something to be said for waterslides….