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Now That is Kitanai

Note the top translation for the Japanese word 「汚い」 (dirty) here at normally-reliable online dictionary ALC.

I may be mistaken, but the phrase in question is not exactly common parlance. Google gives “no hits,” but what does Google know?

W. David MARX
January 22, 2008

12 Responses

  1. jasong Says:

    That is hilarious. I use ALC a lot, and it’s often translators (esp. 英和) who contribute the entries so it may have come from a movie or a novel — maybe set in 19th century Ingerlund:


    The Greeks seem to know what it means, too:


  2. jasong Says:

    Excuse me, Russians, not Greeks.

  3. Duffy Says:

    Wowsers. Maybe Matthew Broderick hacked into the system. Dude’s done it before, and he’s probably looking to do something to get back in the limelight. This latest trick of his is so crazy it just might work. Well done, Matt.

  4. Claire Says:

    I dunno man, I looked up 脚 (ashi – but meaning leg, not leg and/or foot) and the first set of suggestions includes: clod hoppers, crus, extremities, ham and eggs, lallies, and finally, sixth on the list, is “leg”

  5. Kyklops Says:

    Hmm… something to ponder the next time my (Japanese) wife comments on my work area at home.

  6. W. David MARX Says:

    I think the alphabetical order isn’t helping things, but how did that slang get in there in the first place? Someone’s been reading some naughty 19th century English vernacular.

  7. jasong Says:

    Claire, ALC’s word choices are listed alphabetically, for better or for worse.

  8. Claire Says:

    Jasong, I missed your first comment the first time around – yes I think it must be mostly people translating from E to J who contribute to the dictionary, which is why there’s an entry for “ham and eggs” but there’s nothing for, say, キモかわいい.

  9. jasong Says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of cockney rhyming slang available on ALC. When the original 英辞郎 materials were created they probably drew on a lot of specialized dictionaries. Either that or someone got stuck subtitling “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”. ALC is also sometimes useful for finding out the Japanese title of foreign films.

    キモかわいい。Can anybody think of a single word that encompasses that, other than “Momus”?

  10. W. David MARX Says:

    Hey, now. No Momus-bashing on this virgin new site.

  11. jasong Says:

    Hey, キモかわいい is a good thing. Wikipedia J references gremlins and the dancing baby. Iinjanai?

  12. Durf Says:

    Nice Eijiroism find, you flea-bitten fungus.