Black-Out Stencil

I’m super-amped to announce the public release of Eli Carrico’s Black-Out Stencil typeface via Wordshape/MyFonts.

Black-Out was used for the cover and interior of the Barbara Bestor book, Bohemian Modern, designed by Eli and Michael Worthington a few years ago over at Counterspace, a stunning book about L.A. architecture and interiors. Since then, it’s seen super-limited use by a select few folks, but Eli decided (with a little prodding) that the time was nigh for public release.

A chunky mix of geometric stencil, system-based slab serif, and a unique feel that falls somewhere between 1967 and the year 3000, Black-Out will sock you in the privates and run off with your money. Or something.

May 26, 2010

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