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Goth-Loli Death Rumors

I heard from a scholar currently researching the so-called “Gothic Lolita” style that (1) no one is showing up on Meiji Bridge on the weekends and (2) interview subjects from the movement are suggesting that the community is rapidly disintegrating.

Any supporting evidence for this?

W. David MARX
July 25, 2008

7 Responses

  1. j Says:

    The only goth lolis I’ve ever seen on Meiji Bridge were foreigners.

  2. Aceface Says:

    Nope.I still see some.Although I see more tourists looking for Goth-Loli there than the girls themselves.

  3. M-Bone Says:

    I`m in a town of abuot 500,000 and you still see a bunch of them around the shopping district on Saturdays.

    Seriously, if the community is hurting, all it will take is a hit manga or something and they`ll be back up in no time. Or wait 6 months and we`ll have a Goth-Loli nostalgia boom.

  4. feffrey Says:

    Fuel surcharges from the countryside a little too much for the GL’s, perhaps. Saw some in Kofu about a month ago. Maybe GL’s are becoming the equivalent of Eminem devotees in towns like Moose Jaw or Des Moines?

  5. Adamu Says:

    If it’s just goth-loli then maybe not so many of them are around. But There was some kind of concert when I was around there about 3 months ago and it was freaking packed with goth kids.

  6. Bruce Says:

    It’s been pretty damn hot here in Tokyo. Maybe they just found a better place with decent aircon to hang.

  7. dotface Says:

    My friend who used to go there complained that it got way too touristey. That was a year ago. Apparently they moved to the current spot a few years ago when the last spot became too crowded. Maybe it’s time for a new site?