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New sketchbook

I am amped to announce a number of new eco-friendly paper goods I designed for the Tenth & Grant line of paper goods. A few new greeting cards are out, as well as a Moleskine-esque gridded sketchbook with a pattern inspired by Japanese Modern 50s graphics.

Details on the sketchbook:
A handsome dark green on light green web pattern spans the entire front and back cover of this chipboard notebook. Perfect bound with a handy hinge-score, and 144 interior white pages. 100% recycled paper! Printed with soy inks! Perfect bound with a handy hinge-score, and 144 interior white pages. Forest and Avocado – 5″x6.75″ – gridded interior.

See it here.

May 19, 2008

5 Responses

  1. Joseph K Says:

    Did you get any say over the GSM of the paper, or its colour?
    Along with a cover/binding that will hold together under anything up to being thrown violently across a room, those two things are what I increasingly pay the most attention to in sketchbooks… so if I were given the chance to design one, I’d want to at least voice my opinion about them.

  2. Ian LYNAM Says:

    I didn’t, as I know that they use quality recycled papers and kick ass in the production department.

  3. Joseph K Says:

    Ah, righto. You see this kind of book in design goods stores now and then, and I’ve been curious about who is in control of those aspects.

    Nice coverwork, though! It reminds me of something I can’t quite remember…

  4. Ian LYNAM Says:

    Thanks. If it were another company, i would definitely bother them, but I have a long working history with Pinball Publishing, the manufacturers of Tenth and Grant and trust them implicitly. These sketchbooks are variations on sketchbooks that they released last year, and those held up very well when i was using them. I am tough on sketchbooks, and their binding held up as well as Moleskines.

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