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Most Belabored Brand Name Award


A new ladies line from United Arrows.

How did they come up with such a catchy and succinct name? They took everyone’s favorite Jesus-friendly aromatic resin frankincense, replaced the “kin” part with “queen,” and then changed the “cense” to “sense” to indicate “having good sense.”

Now, I don’t mean to be sacrilegious or anything, but I don’t think the “kin” in frankincense is supposed to be “king” without the final g. The word is clearly a combination of “Frank” and “incense.” At this rate, the sister brand to Franqueensense is going to be Mxxrrh. Or maybe Fucqueen.

W. David MARX
May 16, 2008

4 Responses

  1. Matt Says:

    Worse yet, they’re just ripping off RanKing RanQueen’s bit.

  2. W. David MARX Says:

    The one defense I can muster is that in Japanese, frankinsense is:


    and Franqueensense would be:


    So, they are just making the “ki” into a “kuii,” which isn’t such a stretch.

  3. Martin Webb Says:

    Errr … I translated the press release, but came in too late to make a comment on the name.

    For better or worse, it seems as though people are failing to twig to the ingenious moniker and referring to it as “フランキンセンス”

  4. W. David MARX Says:

    Better than Franqueenstein, I guess.