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Eau d'autobus scolaire

On rainy days, the Inokashira train line smells exactly like a 1970s era school bus.

W. David MARX
May 14, 2008

4 Responses

  1. Adamu Says:

    It’s probably not much different than the Chiyoda Line’s stench on rainy days like this, which is to say a wet-dog style amplification of the usual mix — old-man halitosis, “unscented” body soaps and the sweatiness of those who stay in the bathtub too long.

  2. Durf Says:

    Oddly enough, late on rainy Friday nights it smells like a 1970s-era school bus that has been abandoned and lived in by alcoholic hobos.

  3. bry Says:

    I actually like the Inokashira.

    It does reek of alcohol, but it goes to Shimokitazawa and to Kichijyouji.

    To answer to the hobo scent… I think some people do pretty much live on the Inokashira…

  4. Rory P. Wavekrest Says:

    Best line ever!