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Tonight in Los Angeles: A celebration of ten years of LOST, L.A.’s primero graffiti magazine, celebrating the anniversary and the release of the new LOST book.

The book contains highlights of the past decade editor/designer EyeOne has spent documenting LA writing. Includes imagery by Atlas (if you haven’t caught the documentary on his work, watch it now!), Pale, Cab, Haeler, and more. Screenprinted board covers, numbered limited edition of 2000.

Even if you are not a graffiti fan per se, the LOST book is a must-have for folks interested in Angeleno culture. More about LOST here.

LOST is a picture-perfect example of designer as author. I’m proud to have written the foreword for it.

May 3, 2008

3 Responses

  1. W. David MARX Says:

    I also recommend LostPedia. Is Christian Shepard dead or not??

  2. ale/pepino Says:

    Did you mean: “Lost: diez años”
    (“Anos” is Spanish plural for anus.)

  3. Ian LYNAM Says:

    Sorry. The Flash siFr plugin we are using to generate post titles doesn’t have alternate characters using tildes embedded. (I was aware of the meaning and thought it was funny.)