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Japan Today = Scientology?

Japan Today supports Church of Scientology

What Japan Thinks pulls out some crucial investigative journalistic skills to show a creeping influence of the infamous religious cult Scientology on the infamous Japan news site Japan Today. Taking money for Scientology ads is one thing, but letting Scientology members write editorials on “moral education“? Why can’t they leave the bad persuasive essays to lay expats?

I have never quite understood how the Japan Times or Japan Today have much potential as businesses, and I guess turning to aggressively-recruiting religious organizations is the only solution. I feel kind of insulted that cults aren’t calling me up to invest in Néojaponisme! I would refuse and all, but I would finally know we had made it.

W. David MARX
April 26, 2008

6 Responses

  1. Ian LYNAM Says:

    Please note that Herr Marx’s opinions do not reflect the opinions of all Néojaponisme staff. Particularly Jean Snow, who is a fundamentalist member of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Jean repeatedly touts the party line in his articles, though often not overtly.

  2. Matt Says:

    This shocking revelation raises serious questions over Japan Today’s journalistic integrity. What is needed here is a return to fundamentals. Aristotlean ones. If only there were some sort of workshop we could attend!

  3. Gen Kanai Says:

    Relevant NBR discussion on JT & SG, not LRH BS.


  4. Aceface Says:

    I thought those who post comments on Japan Today are mostly from out of this world.
    Scientology? That figures.

  5. mozu Says:

    I wondered why Japan Today was like that, so this seems to be convincing.

    By the way, I introduced your old post about WaiWai at my blog without your permission. Sorry for being late to thank you.

  6. whalecurry Says:

    “Why can’t they leave the bad persuasive essays to lay expats?”