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Japan Blog Dominance Reduced by 40%

Nifty finds 40% of Japanese blogs are SPAM

Adamu at Mutant Frog Travelogue directs our attention to Japanese internet site Nifty‘s report that around 40% of all Japanese “blogs” are spam blogs. If you’ve ever tried to search the Japanese blogosphere, you will have run into a million of these things: robotic shells that automatically cull together links to other sites based on popular themes like golf, Koizora, or Oshikiri Moe.

Although Technorati knows how to avoid English spam blogs, the company had no way to differentiate between Japanese spam blogs and Japanese “real” blogs when they formulated their report on the main languages used on the internet. Japan made headlines for being the “world’s most blogged” language — but most of us who busy ourselves with Japanese net culture scratched our heads, wondering how that could possibly be. But now with Nifty’s research, we can downgrade the Japanese blog figure by 40% — making the total number of blogs at around 15 million instead of the originally forecast 25 million (based on the 70 million blog total for 2007, so these numbers are probably higher now). English language blogs stood at around 25 million as well, and if there is no downgrading for spam, the new numbers would make English the dominate language on the internet by a large margin. 15 million blogs is still a strong proportional number for Japan, but the original data seemed to overstate the influence of Japanese content on the internet.

W. David MARX
March 28, 2008

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