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Hiroshima Lattes

Welcome to the Hotel Hiroshima: Has the ground zero of the nuclear age become too “normal”?

A faithful reader directed us to this article with the colorfully-direct email subject “Please mock the shit out of this link.” Since the Slate piece ends on the unfathomable revelation that “the Hiroshima Starbucks’ latte tastes the same as it does anywhere,” I am not sure how we could add any wacky commentary for your enjoyment. Perhaps, this piece is “the bomb”? Ah forget it.

W. David MARX
March 26, 2008

5 Responses

  1. Aceface Says:

    The resident complainer here.

    So what’s so wrong about the Slate article.I see no problem…
    I’ve read a lot worse such as British satirist A.A Gill’s”A.A Gill is Away”.That had the most terrible piece on Hiroshima.

  2. Matt Says:

    Way to post this right after “BLOWING UP THE SPOT”, hatemonger.

    I’ll tell you one thing wrong with it, Aceface, even if it isn’t the worst article ever: The writer’s straining so hard that you can almost see the veins on his forehead. He does have a couple of interesting points (peace park clutter, etc.), but they’re buried in 3.5 pages of bizarre melodramatic point-missing (my favourite example of the latter being his indictment of the menu item “Hiroshima’s famous fried vegetable and meat pancakes” for not mentioning the A-bomb).

  3. Aceface Says:

    As a Japanese,I’m just feeling honored that the venerable “Slate”had come all the way here to cover some story,any story.

    Check how frequent “Slate” covers Japan,Matt.


  4. M-Bone Says:

    The article could be a satire. Oh, who am I kidding…

  5. Aceface Says:

    ”my favourite example of the latter being his indictment of the menu item “Hiroshima’s famous fried vegetable and meat pancakes” for not mentioning the A-bomb”

    It took me a while that this “pancake”is actually an Okonimi-yaki.(the one with Otafuku brand sauces is all over,and must it shall be only with the Otafuku brand,if it wants to be an authentic Hiroshima style)

    I was dissapointed that the writer didn’t mention anything about Otafuku sauce manuafacturing company that used to import palm dates(which is the magical ingredients that makes spicy taste)predominantly from Iraq(about 90%) before the war.
    Now they’ve switching to safer supply source that is Iran.

    Otafuku episode could add some spicy tastes in the article,had the writer known that there are at least one company in Hiroshima that fears and harbors strong resentment upon American aggressions….