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Cold-blooded Killers

Néojaponisme contributor Dwayne Dixon and amazing vegan chefs Yoyo and Yuka offer up the tastiest vegan lunch in Tokyo on Wednesdays at Vegie Shokudou, a renegade restaurant inside of a bar in Koenji. Note that the restaurant operates ONLY ON WEDNESDAYS. There is a break period from 3pm-5pm, and the restaurant will be closed. Eats start at 1PM.

Directions here.

March 24, 2008

9 Responses

  1. W. David MARX Says:

    What if you can’t eat vegan – for ethical reasons?

  2. Ian LYNAM Says:

    Hardy har har. You’re fired, penis.

  3. odot Says:

    chief yoyo!

  4. Ian Says:

    Super chief!

  5. d.b. crump Says:

    if you still trust vegans than you’ve obviously never seen the film Blood Car.

  6. Darryl Says:

    Ian, where are the shots of the actual food? And Dwayne’s amazing cakes? See you there tomorrow at oneish?

  7. Ian LYNAM Says:

    See you there tomorrow at 1!

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