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Scene Report: Le Baron

I am actually not at LeBaron. I don’t go to LeBaron. Please stop asking me to attend events there. That club blows megadicks.

I am going to say it now, again, loud and clear for you:

Fuck ¥1000 for shitty beer on tap. The only time I am going to pay that is when it comes with some fancy fucking food. And they don’t have that at LeBaron. Just dudes with asymmetrical haircuts who can’t dj for shit.

Oh, and retards.

March 20, 2008

11 Responses

  1. Curtis Says:

    Perhaps you’re just drinking the wrong drink — doesn’t this look delicious? I guess it even comes with a drinkin’ glove.


  2. Ian Says:

    I don’t drink urine.

  3. Ian LYNAM Says:

    Oh wait, yes I do.

  4. Rory P. Wavekrest Says:

    These have gotten me by at more than a few nights there…take your pick!

  5. Ian LYNAM Says:

    Ah, that is due to you being smart and me being an idiot. Next time…

  6. Rory P. Wavekrest Says:

    Don’t worry, these are things I can teach you!

  7. Ian LYNAM Says:

    I am your disciple. Psych.

  8. mouii Says:

    graphic design geeks trying to talk street is gay

  9. Ian LYNAM Says:

    Say it to my face, please.

  10. d.b. krump Says:

    but the real problem isnt the retards, the prices, or the bad haircuts, its the incredibly terrible soundsystem.


    for lack of effort.

  11. odot Says:

    did you know, we have the same baron club in paris and from what i’ve heard it’s ten time worse (+ it’s packed with actual FRENCH PEOPLE and don’t get me started on french people)