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A Typical Office

While in Los Angeles, I visited a typical American office, since I had forgotten about the normal corporate environment back home. Although this was in Southern California, it might as well have been in northeastern Pennsylvania. That’s how generic it was.

Here are some pictures I took.





W. David MARX
March 20, 2008

4 Responses

  1. Jean Snow Says:

    Man, I used to know a Dwight Schrute… He was such a jerk!

  2. Curtis Says:

    That’s messed up — Dwight’s not a jerk, he’s just misunderstood.

  3. shane Says:

    That is really soul crushing. I complain about advertising a lot (maybe just to myself) but at least most agencies have nice workspaces. The typical Japanese office still probably loses out to America though. Ubiquitous fluorescent lighting is a killer.

  4. JobjoitoEdite Says:

    Contrary to what most people would say, the most dangerous animal in the world is not the lion or the tiger or even the elephant. It’s a shark riding on an elephant’s back, just trampling and eating everything they see. (Jack Handey) :)