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Why no content?

Why has there been very little content on Néojaponisme lately?

I, W. David Marx — Chief Editor, have been in Los Angeles in a jetlag-haze for the last week, and I will be in a jetlag-haze in Tokyo for the next week until I can get my schedule back in order. Team Néojaponisme have also been working on lots of big things: book releases, album releases, etc. We also have full-time jobs, although we aren’t supposed to mention that to maintain a myth of artistic dedication to our respective crafts.

Can we expect this content winter to continue?

Yes and no. We are currently planning out a very big step for Néojaponisme — perhaps launching it into physical space. (But not literally “outer space.”) There are essays being written and assignments being assigned. Things may be light for a bit though, so if you are thinking of bothering us with a story idea, this is an excellent time.

Is there anything you can recommend while the nuclear content winter is defrosting?

I did this podcast with Patrick Macias in Los Angeles. We discuss Cool Japan. Also, I will have some personal L.A. dispatches over the next week, hopefully.

W. David MARX
March 19, 2008

4 Responses

  1. Curtis Says:

    Niiice — a “ain’t gonna be no posts” post. I felt obliged to leave a nugatory comment since I came all the way over here to read it.

    Oh, and, FRIST!

  2. anonymous Says:

    in regards to the podcast sometimes people made fake replies to your “fake” or “inciteful” posts which were then taken seriously

  3. W. David MARX Says:


  4. Jamie Says:

    If possible, either here (or by way of recommendation) I would like to know more about Japanese translation and adaptation theory. That is, how to capture the nuance, web references, your picks for wonderfully translated texts (or your own for that matter) and your translation approach to the subject.

    Or, in response to your latest post regarding Japanese being the international language for bloggers, recommendations, links, overviews on current Japanese bloggers and blogs regarding Media Ecology, Interface Studies, Culture, PR, etc.