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Smart Girls Returns

The world’s favorite hipster booby magazine Smart Girls is back from the dead. Apparently, publisher Takarajima asked original founder and lo-fi erotic photo mastermind Yonehara Yasumasa to come back and resurrect the title. (There was a falling out between the two parties long ago.) The new issue is pretty close to the original format, although the printing quality is pretty third-rate for some reason. Also, there are fewer straight-forward no-top shots than in the past, perhaps trying to expand the audience to women and not just pornophiles with high aesthetic standards.

Yonehara’s been one of the few people hovering in the street fashion/hipster world who has been able to cross over to the mainstream lately. Continuing with his signature style, Smart Girls mixes erotic, yet clean pictures of big name girl-friendly models (like Fujii Lena) and more explicit shots of his usual porn girl cavalcade.

W. David MARX
February 25, 2008

5 Responses

  1. Joseph K Says:

    My girlfriend shoved this in my hands at the book store just yesterday. Never having heard of it before, I flipped through and my main thought was “who exactly is this targeted at?”. Glance at nearly any magazine cover here and you can see the target audience (usually as they are pictured on the cover), so this one puzzled me for a moment. Interesting.

    Also, the amount of photos that involved much breast but no nipples, at least until later in the magazine, stood out too.

  2. Rory P. Snakevest Says:

    This does not upset me in the least!

  3. Rory P. Snakevest Says:

    “My girlfriend shoved this in my hands at the book store just yesterday.”

    Ha! So suspect.

  4. ben skye Says:

    hello from cape town! is their a website link for this magazine? sounds cool arigato – please send info reply to skye@chocolatecakeproductions.com


  5. Matt Says:

    “Ha! So suspect.”

    Some commentators argue that if a man is walking past a bookstore and a freak gust of wind blows some money out of his wallet into the cash register and a copy of Smart Girls into his hand, and the clerk registers it as a sale, that man may retain his hipness provided that he relates the experience to others with sufficient irony. However, if he is working on a nearby roof and falls off into the bookstore, spilling loose change into the register and getting a copy of Smart Girls stuck in his pants, he cannot retain his hipness because it was his responsibility to choose a place to stand on the roof from which such an accident could not occur.