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Sony Discovers Nu Rave + Yacht?

I was about to comment that every single major label Japanese music video these days seems to rely on mid-grade prosumer video or motion graphics. But then I saw this video just now and said, wow, Sony is willing to spend some money in order to get Kimura Kaera caught up with 2007.

Oh, no. Shocked to also learn there’s a Japanese band called Yacht. And since you can’t make videos anymore without a candy company collaboration, they’ve got a video sponsored by Pocky. Unfortunately Yacht JP is no Yacht US.

There should be an ICANN for parking band names. You’d think that young people would do a simple Google search before choosing to call themselves SQUEEZE!! or whatever, but I guess cell phone technology has not gotten to the point where it can access universal knowledge of “Tempted” or “Up the Junction.”

W. David MARX
January 31, 2008

5 Responses

  1. 7374e9 Says:

    “Unfortunately Yacht JP is no Yacht US”

    yes, I’m with you. wouldn’t it be great if Yacht JP were exactly the same as in the US, only with asian physique! That would be awesome, a perfect narcissistic object. ;-)

  2. W. David MARX Says:

    Yeah, I don’t think that’s what I meant: that Yacht JP should be exactly like Yacht US. I am saying there should be no band called Yacht in Japan as much as there should not be a band called Queen in Japan.

  3. Kim Jong-il Hater Says:

    I couldn’t get that song out of my head in school today for some odd reason. Like it’s fucking catchy! It combines all the good elements of the rave scene in Europe and regular J-Pop. Genius!

  4. SeñorCamisas Says:

    they really went out of their way to craft a Japanese female Tiga clone video!

  5. alin Says:

    > there should be no band called Yacht in Japan as much as there should not be a band called Queen in Japan.

    part of me is still inclined to think it’d be nice if every human being would have a new, fresh name made up rather than be tagged with the same old stock. (so there’ll only be one david, maybe the one in the michelangelo gig)

    since the number of bands in this world has most certainly exceeded the polulation of many language-connected societies so i think duplicate naming is inevitable.
    [--no continuity in logic here--]
    we’ll see more and more of it i’d say. (ironic or not,, it’d be pretty cool for a band to pop up now calling themselves ‘beatles’ – it’d be inevitable, symbolically speaking at least , because with pop music’s fatal affair with the past (as momus never tires of telling us) the gap will have to be closed by accident or deliberation – then we can wrap it all up and move on.

    also why imply that this might have anything to do with the japanese love of pakuri (London) Suede, Charlatans (UK) ,, and all this as if lifting the name from another dude’s , not bandname but song or whatever title is perfectly candid and ‘original’. (now you’re going to tell me that your sources tell you that the makers of yacht jp. actually lifted the name from the us band whereas in suede’s case it was coincidence and i’m gonna say that the gap between a j^pop band and an american band is as big as the gap between an american band and a tv talking head so in both cases creativity is involved ,,, blah blah,,